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Walking with Elephants - premiere UK/Ireland on UKTV Eden

02th April 2015

"Walking with Elephants" will air next Friday (3th April) at 20.00 hrs on UKTV Eden. This adventurous wildlife documentary is the first production of the young Belgian production company Boiler Media and features South African legendary bush guide Steve Bolnick as a central host. The programme was selected as Pick of the Day in the TV pages of The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Mail and The Irish Mail.

Steve Bolnick is a zoologist with a passion for walking in the African bush. Most people associate the bush with danger and choose the safety of a car to observe wildlife. Steve strongly believes that because we only evolved relatively recently from the hunter-gatherer, we still have a deep affinity with the bush. Through walking, Steve hopes to bring people back to their ancient roots and to help them better understand nature and animal behaviour.

Steve takes us to Hwange national park in the North-West of Zimbabwe. The park covers almost 15.000 square kilometres and is located just south of the mighty Victoria falls on the Zambezi river. Although it’s close to one of Africa’s main rivers the area is extremely arid as it borders the Kalahari desert. Yet Hwange national park has one of Africa’s largest populations of elephants, more than 50.000 of them. Steve has developed a special bond with these fantastic animals. They’re not only the biggest living land mammals, but they’re also extremely intelligent. On top of that they’re very important for the survival of other wildlife and for the ecological balance in general.

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“Walking with Elephants – with Steve Bolnick”